Eryn Pierce Design
Designer and Art Director working in Lander, Wyoming.

Icons, Logos, & Branding


Professional project for 360 Live Media | 2014

These icons were designed as a part of an internal team building activity that allowed employees to experiment with seemingly divergent ideas and start thinking differently about problems within the company.



Professional project for 360 Live Media | 2014

Designed for a gift to the CEO of 360 Live Media, these icons help illustrate his unique personality and style.  

Don Canvas5.jpg


Professional project for Project M | 2013

Stickers I designed to advertise a project called Catfish Jones in Greensboro, Alabama. I worked with a team of designers, film makers, and creatives to create a marketing plan that helped advertise bamboo bikes made and sold in the area.



Professional project for Casey Adams, The Wordsmith | 2017

I created a logo and branding system for Casey Adams, a writer and editor in Lander, Wyoming.

The Wordsmith Logos-02.png
The Wordsmith Logos-04.png
The Wordsmith Branding Website About Page.png
The Wordsmith Branding Website Look and Feel.png
The Wordsmith Branding Website Homepage.png


Professional project for K-9 Science | 2017

Logo for a dog training service.



Professional project for the NOLS Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability | 2016

This logo and branding system created for The Risk Management Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, a task force lead by the NOLS Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability department.

RMORR Logo.png
RMORR Typeface.png
RMORR Letterhead.png


Professional project for Fremont County Democratic Party | 2018

To increase voter participation in Wyoming, I was commissioned by the Fremont County Democratic Party to create shareable e-badges.

Just Vote Logo_10-14-18.png


Professional project for Wyoming Investor Network (WIN) | 2018

Logo and branding for Wyoming Investor Network, a donor collaborative with the goal to build a moderate governing majority in the state of Wyoming.

WIN_Title Screen_1.png


Professional project for Farmer Fred | 2015

Logo and packaging design for Farmer Fred’s homemade sauerkraut that’s distributed across the country.



Professional project for Aleson Rietow | 2017

Aleson Rietow is a freelance web manager and front end developer who’s fun and outgoing personality is highlighted in this 80’s inspired logo.

LogoMockup_Aleson's Brand-04.png
LogoMockup_Aleson's Brand-05.png
LogoMockup_Aleson's Brand-03.png


Self-generated work for NOLS | 2018

NOLS hosts an annual ski day for it’s employees and I created these fun buttons for employees to wear during the ski outing.



Professional project for NOLS Teton Valley | 2014

T-shirt designs for NOLS Teton Valley that highlight the animals students might see in the wilderness while on their backpacking adventure.

NOLS Teton Valley_1.png
NOLS Teton Valley_3.png
NOLS Teton Valley_2.png


Professional project for Wyoming Physician Services | 2019

Logo and Branding for Wyoming Physician Services. An organization in Wyoming that is providing HR and other services to local health providers.

Wyoming Physician Services Brand Guide_222019_Brand Guide Intro.jpg
Wyoming Physician Services Brand Guide_222019_Table of Contents.jpg
Wyoming Physician Services Brand Guide_222019_Logo & Lockups.jpg
Wyoming Physician Services Brand Guide_222019_Logo Usage.jpg


Self-generated work | 2019

Pantone Valentine’s Day cards I designed for my creative team members at work.

Valentine's Day Cards 2019-27.png
Valentine's Day Cards 2019-28.png


Professional project for NOLS Northeast | 2019

Sticker designs for NOLS Northeast.

NOLS Northeast Emblem 2.png
NOLS Northeast Emblem 3.png
NOLS Northeast Emblem 4.png